E-Net Overview

E-Net is a DALI lighting control system focused on providing energy saving, lighting scene control and luminaire reporting. A full system features an intuitive front end user PC interface allowing management of luminaires and lighting control devices across the buildings DALI network. Individual or groups of luminaires are easily managed allowing switching of a single light fitting right through to switching of the entire building.

DALI Emergency light monitoring may also be achieved from a central location making reporting simple with a print or Email function.

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E-Net consists of input devices which integrate seamlessly with the DALI network

ENET-Multisense PIR Detector
Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detectors monitor movement within an 8Mtr Radius.
PIR Detectors monitor natural daylight levels. Fittings will Dim down if commissioned lux levels are exceeded.
Capable of controlling 126 DALI address
Links to other E-Net Hubs via Ethernet Connection (10 maximum)
E-Net Multi-Pro
Powerful solid state processor unit allowing continuous monitoring
Supports up to 10 x E-Net Hubs
Links to other Multi Pro units via Ethernet
Allows access to E-NET software
Scene Set Plate
Network ready scene set plates with a choice of finishes
Scenes 1 to 4, Raise Lower, On/Off
Scenes 1 to 4 & On/Off
DVI Interface
Allows other DALI switches, time clocks to be integrated with E-Net