Telescopic Lighting Pole

Telescopic Lighting poles remove the hazards of working at heights by bringing the fixture to the worker and not the worker to the fixture.

Pictured with Union Range Single Lens:

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The  wide  range  of  pole  and  fixture mounting  accessories  make  installation  simple and our clients enjoy installation cost savings of 30-40% over traditional non-lowering lighting columns.

By installing this product during routine maintenance, immediate savings of over 50% can be realised and future maintenance costs are dramatically cut by over 90%.

Raising  and  lowering  is  as  simple  as  loosening  a  single  bolt.  Our  spring  assisted lighting pole can be raised as high as 3 metres and lowered to 1.5 metres, making the installation and maintenance of any pole mounted product safer and more cost effective.

Don’t let your lighting deteriorate to dangerous levels, improve safety and maintenance with LED.CO.UK.


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Available options
Mounting Option Base
Handrail Stanchion
Material Galvanised Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Harsh Environment Cover No Cover
Installed Cover for Locking Collar
Handrail Mounting Kits Tubular Rail, Galvanised
Tubular Rail, Stainless
Angled Rail, Galvanised
Angled Rail, Stainless
Incline Rail, Galvanised
Incline Rail, Stainless
Luminaire Mounts - Galvanised Steel 2FT (610mm) Fluorescent Clamp-On
4FT (1200mm) Fluorescent Clamp-On
3FT (920mm) Fluorescent Clamp-On
Multi-Purpose Bolt-On, Vertical
Multi-Purpose Bolt-On, Horizontal
Floodlight Bolt-On
Junction Box Plate