Mobile Advertising Screen

MAS-5 Screens are designed as Mobile Advertising Screen for vehicle Advertising displays. The shell is created by utilising sheet metal fabrication, using multiple anti-rusting, spraying processes and a high-temp baking procedure which ensures anti-rusting. The protective cover is removable, making it easy to maintain. The system has a GPS sensor fitted which will stop the video when the vehicle is in motion meaning it will adhere to UK safety recommendations.

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Our product is designed for outdoor usage and the sign can be easily programmed using a PC, or laptop. If you wish to use the MAS-5 as a taxi screen then LEDs can also be built in to show when the vehicle is on hire. Each unit has an inbuilt GPS tracker which causes the image to feeeze when the vehicle is moving which is recommended by British Safety Standards. The unit can also be used to create Wi-Fi hotspots in every vehicle, this allows your customers to access free Wi-Fi, in return you could receive their direct marketing information for future promotions.

The MAS-5 uses a 192 x 64 matrix with a pixel pitch of 5mm.


Technical Specifications

Screen Model


Pixel Pitch


Visual Size

960mm x320mm


985 mm x 444 mm




192 x 64 dots

Max. Power Consumption



>5,000 CD/m2

Refreshing Frequency

>800 Hz