HAZX Nero Mini Portable

The HAZX Nero Mini Portable luminaire is an explosion-proof LED inspection floodlight which can be used in Zone 1 & 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & 22 (Dust). The luminaire uses holographic lens technology to optimise light distribution in circular or elliptical outputs housed in portable cradle.

The HAZX Nero Mini Portable is constructed from marine grade aluminium with a toughen glass lens cover.

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Our HAZX P-12 is available in a variety of different beam patterns, both circular and elliptical, to suit any application. The circular beam patterns maximise light output, while the elliptical beam patterns use revolutionary holographic lens technology to shape the light providing greater illumination distances with significantly reduced energy wastage. The holographic beam patterns can easily be modified – offering ultimate flexibility to specifiers, distributors and end-users.

HAZX P-12 has been designed from the ground up for easy installation, easy maintenance, easy inspection, and long life performance. Our thermal management technology, ensures a much cooler LED operating temperature allowing the product to operate for >10 years. A unique, maintenance-friendly design allows quick and easy servicing and inspection of all key components including LED and PSU modules if required.

HAZX P-12 delivers high performance illumination of up to 2,250 lumens and is also available as an emergency fitting with integral battery back-up. Transportable Floods are supplied complete with mounting frame and the type/length of cable and preferred ATEX IEC Ex plug can be specified by the end user so that the unit can be supplied ready for use.


Technical Specifications


348mm x 356mm x 400mm


6.5kg (15lbs)

Beam Patterns (Circular)

10°x 10° or 30°x 30° or 50°x 50° or 120°x 120°

Beam Patterns (Elliptical)

35°x 10°or 60°x 25°or 80°x 30° or 120°x 50°


110 -254V 50/60Hz AC only

LED Type

Platinum SMT LEDs


30W standard

LED Quantity


Lumen Output on Mains

2,250 lm – circular beam patterns,  2,000 lm – elliptical beam patterns

Color Temperature (CCT)

Approx. 6,000K (others available upon request)

Color Rendering Index (CRI)



upto 75 ll/cW

IP Rating



5 Years


ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Gas and Dust

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Available options
Wattage 30W
Colour Temperature 6000K
Beam Angle Fine (10° Beam)
Narrow (30° Beam)
Medium (50° Beam)
Wide (120° Beam)
Elliptical Fine (35° x 10° Beam)
Elliptical Narrow (60° x 25° Beam)
Elliptical Medium (80° x 30° Beam)
Elliptical Wide (120° x 50° Beam)
Photocell Not required
Integral Photocell

HAZX Nero Mini Portable

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